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Dear supporters, hopefully you will have already seen in international news the humanitarian crisis that is affecting Mozambique.

Like many, we’ve been following the situation as closely as possible and feeling extremely helpless and lost for words at the plight of so many people.

Firstly, we would like to express our deepest, deepest condolences to all the men, women and children who have lost their lives, are still stranded in conditions beyond comprehension, those who have been separated from loved ones because the rescue boats simply cannot save everyone – and, to those who have now reached ‘safety’ which equates to dryer land and not much else. Our hearts are with you all and we are sharing your pain and your tears – we are praying for you.

Secondly, we have received a number of messages asking if our friends, families and partner projects in Mozambique are ok – which they are. The regions we have worked in, and where our friends and family live, are much further south. For this we are extremely thankful.

Relief efforts on the ground in Beira, the worst affected area in Mozambique, are still in ‘life-saving’ stages, with many, many people still stranded on trees/roof tops surrounded by water as far as the eye can see. Manpower and resources seem to be increasing by the day as the extent of the disaster is realised across the world. We commend the teams there, who are working in extremely challenging conditions – they are saving lives, but they cannot save them all.

Those who have been saved are camping out in great numbers in temporary camps, or in buildings that are still standing. Getting food, water, blankets and medical supplies to these people is equally as challenging – the roads into Beira have been destroyed so aid and equipment must be flown in.


The UK has now launched a joint appeal, via the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) which brings together 14 UK charities to raise money to help those impacted by disaster, making sure that funds reach those that need them most. The UK Government are also matching pound for pound the first £2 million donated by the public to this appeal. We believe this to be a credible platform to donate to from the UK, they are experts in humanitarian aid and have the platform available to help NOW – we do not want to detract from this.

Longer term, we expect there to be huge numbers of unaccompanied and orphaned children who will need our help. The effects of this disaster will remain with them for rest of their lives, long after the relief efforts have gone and Beira rebuilds itself. When the situation stabilises we will be reaching out to grass root projects on the ground who are supporting these children – so we can support them – you can help us prepare for this in the usual ways. To clarify, this funding will not be put to use immediately, we will look to visit and grant funding to these projects later this year when they will need us – to support the relief efforts now, please support the DEC above.

If anyone has any questions or fundraising ideas or anything else – please do get in touch – there is great power in people coming together to help.

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