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Driving licence for Galdeu!

Galdeu hard at work in the office and next to the car he will soon be able to drive!

Galdeu hard at work in the office and next to the car he will soon be able to drive!

Galdeu joined the Born Positive team in Mozambique during May this year as a volunteer. He is 18 years old and has a keen interest in car mechanics – he happens to be very useful in this department, and has already saved us from a flat battery incident!

Since May, Galdeu has been overseeing operations in Mozambique. This involves:

  • Writing budgets and monthly plans
  • Recording and filing all the accounts
  • Calling all our families to arrange monthly home visits
  • Physically doing all the monthly home visits, and all the preparation that goes with for example buying groceries for the food deliveries, sorting through donated clothes/school materials
  • Following up after each home visit with an update on how it went and sending photographs
  • Communicating all the activity with the other team members in Mozambique
  • Communicating all the activity to us here in the UK

And he is doing such a sterling job! He is so reliable and has demonstrated commitment from the beginning.

One thing that hinders the operation in Mozambique is that Galdeu doesn’t have a driving licence, meaning he has to rely on other peoples availability to drive him around. He can drive, but just needs to go through the motions and pay for his licence card.

It is our great pleasure to be funding this for Galdeu.

We wish him all the best and hope to see him progress further with the team in Mozambique.

Galdeu on a home visit to Rafael

Galdeu on a home visit to Rafael

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