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Dumsane’s Story…

Baby Dumsane, playing with at his new home

Baby Dumsane, showing us his new home

Baby Dumsane lost his mother to HIV at just 2 months old, his father remains in the late stages of AIDS in South Africa. Thankfully, Dumsane himself did not contract the virus during childbirth or thereafter.

After losing his mother, he was brought to A.A.C.O.SIDA orphanage. In fact this is where he was proudly named after Mr Dumsane Macamo who runs the orphanage with his wife Clementina.

Shortly after Baby Dumsane’s arrival, a lady and member of the local church group came forward and offered to be his substitute mother. She doesn’t have children of her own, which means that Dumsane has her full attention as well as neighbouring children with whom he plays with – He is now 1 year 3 months and a very happy, healthy little boy.

His new mother earns money by selling second hand shoes and although this is not a reliable source of income, she loves him dearly. A.A.C.O.SIDA have remained in contact to check on the families progress and have provided donated baby milk and other supplies when they can.

Born Positive will now be helping to provide the follow up support that Dumsane and his mother need, with regular visits, donations of baby clothes and finding a sponsor to pay for him to attend creche as our initial focus areas. Longer term, we’ll be looking at ways to uplift Dumsane’s mother so she can boost her income – possible handcrafting some items for us! Watch this space!

If you would be interested in sponsoring Baby Dumsane’s crech fees please email Amy at

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