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End of year reflection 2013

2013, the first year of many…

We wanted to share some of the highlights (both difficulties and achievements) that we faced during Born Positive’s first year as a charity. From the outset we’d like to be as transparent as possible to our supporters, so you can see exactly what we are doing and why.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave suggestions – we really value honest feedback.

The facts and figures:

In our first year, 1st January – 31st December 2013, we raised a total of £1665.93. We sent £687.10 to Mozambique which was spent on the ground and the remainder, £978.83 was the balance in our UK charity bank account as of 31st December 2013.

Achievements in 2013:

  • We provided crucial assistance to the relatives of 2 orphan children, these 2 siblings are now able to live back within a family unit, together and the whole family are supported.
  • We enrolled and paid for 2 pre-school children (1 orphan and 1 adoptive sibling) to go to creche in their village 5 days per week, where they receive two meals per day and pre-school education.
  • We enrolled and paid for 1 orphan child to start primary school in January 2014.
  • We applied and paid for birth registration documents for 2 orphan children.
  • We transported 1 orphan child for urgent medical assistance and paid for necessary medicines as prescribed.
  • We delivered 60kgs worth of donated children’s clothes and shoes to underprivileged children.
  • Over a period of 8 months (May – December) we delivered: 200kgs of rice, 72kgs of flour, 40kgs of cooking oil, 40kgs of sugar, 32kgs of onions and tomatoes, 400 teabags, 40 bars of antibacterial soap, 12 toothbrushes, 24 toothpastes! Which kept 2 orphan children and their elderly grandmother healthy and happy.
  • We have not only provided material support to the family and children but also developed lasting relationships with all members and been a shoulder to lean on when they have needed somewhere to turn.
  • We recruited 2 Mozambican Liaison Volunteers who manage all the family visits on the ground.
  • We have adhered to Mozambican culture and attended meetings with the chiefs of the villages where we have worked, to ensure community acceptance and respect within the villages.
  • Since joining on 20th December 2012 – 31st December 2013 we recruited 566 facebook ‘likers’ to our page.

Difficulties in 2013:

  • We didn’t have any of the UK trustees based full time in Mozambique, coordination of the project and communication with our 2 Mozambican volunteers was challenging.
  • Without any of the trustees in Mozambique for long periods of time we could not commence the lengthy process of registering as an official NGO in Mozambique.
  • We did not raise the minimum requirement of £5000 per year to register with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.
  • Because we could not register Born positive in Mozambique or the UK, we were not accepted on any fundraising platforms such as GlobalGiving, JustGiving, PayPal etc which made fundraising difficult.
  • Without owning a vehicle, all family home visits and food deliveries were dependent on public transport which is extremely un-reliable and the routes indirect.

Focuses heading into 2014:

  1. With Chairman Amy Hulme moving to Mozambique to work on Born Positive, we will be registering as an official NGO in Mozambique.
  2. We will be appealing for funding for the purchase of a vehicle for Born Positive which is absolutely crucial as we expand out to more families.
  3. We will be working with the community of Mahelane, to reach out to more families who are already caring for extra adoptive children and struggling to cope.
  4. We will be continuing to develop our existing relationship with orphanages in Southern Mozambique to identify new vulnerable children and families who require our support.
  5. We will be working with Alzira, the biological mother of 4 and adoptive mother of 2, to develop a small business venture making jewellery for Born Positive, which in turn will allow her to increase the families income.

Closing comment…

“All in all, we at Born Positive are very proud of what we have achieved in just 12 months, from a small idea in December 2012 to a functioning charity today.

As with human tendency, we sometimes feel frustrated that we are not expanding quicker, we have come to realise that we don’t want to rush to reach as many children as possible. We would like to take our time and ensure that every child is not just a statistic but a real person – and each and every one deserves as much attention and care as we can give.

We’d like to end with a HUGE THANK YOU to every one who has followed us from the very beginning and trusted us and our mission with your donations, encouragement and love. We can honestly say that Mozambique would more than likely have lost two very special little people had you not allowed us to help them.”

Amy Hulme, Luke Fellone, Vicky Parker and Rosie Johnson.

UK Trustees.

Here’s a short video and little thank you from the children…

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