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Esperanca and Amilcar’s Story…

Mama Esperanca and little Esperanca at their empty market stall

Mama Esperanca and little Esperanca at their empty market stall

On Wednesday 16th July Born Positive conducted the first home visit to a new substitute family, who are caring for an orphaned brother and sister. In Mozambique, there are no social workers or support systems in place to monitor the welfare of orphan children who are placed in families – in a country where poverty affects most of the population this can lead to orphan children being severely neglected.

Esperanca and her little brother, Amilcar, lost both their parents to the HIV/AIDS pandemic at just 3 years old and 6 months old. They were brought to our partner orphanage, AACOSIDA and shortly after a substitute mother, also named Esperanca, from their church group came forward and took them in. They have been living a happy life with her and her own daughter, Salmina ever since.

On visiting their home, it was immediately apparent that Mama Esperanca loves and raises them as her own. Although their house in the dusty suburbs of the capital city is basic, they do have access to electricity and running water. Both children are attending school and that is where Amilcar was during our visit – good sign!

Mama Esperanca does not have a reliable income and she depends mostly on food donations and help from family members to survive. We noticed a small but empty market stall outside her house on the road. We would like to help her purchase an initial stock of food items from the local warehouses so she can start a small business and generate some regular money for her family – going forward, it has been agreed that she must manage her cash flow effectively and buy her own stock replenishment. Born Positive will continue to guide her through this process should she need us.

Mama Esperanca is going to visit her local bulk suppliers and find the best prices, after which she will give us a quotation and we’ll accompany her to make her first purchase and help her with transport to and from.

We are appealing for a sponsor to help with the cost of this initial purchase, full details of the total price will be available shortly. If you think you can help please email us at:

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