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February Success Story!

Mama Alzira's home, in Mahelane village - Mozambique

Mama Alzira’s home, in Mahelane village – Mozambique

Sustainable Solar Energy for our Families!

We are SO excited about this project. Having spent many days with rural families in Mozambique (and living with one for three months!) we know all to well how lack of electricity can impact a family, those that can afford it inside their homes are forced to spend around 30% of their very low income on electricity bills. But for the most, who cannot afford it at all, life can only happpen in daylight hours – can you believe that in this day and age only 15% of the population in Mozambique have access to electricity!!! (stats from World Bank)

On to our good news – this is a success story after all!

We contacted the wonderful people at Betta Lights, a company who design and manufacture high quality solar solutions. They have very kindly offered to donate one of their Betta Two lighting and phone charging systems to Born Positive free of charge!

With the help of their up and coming branch, Betta Lights Mozambique, we will be installing the donated unit into Mama Alzira’s home in Mahelane village in March. Alzira cares for her 4 children as well as her orphaned niece and nephew. They currently live in a one roomed bamboo house with no electricity (pictured above).

Betta Two unit from Betta Lights

So what will the Betta Two unit actually provide?

  • 1 x 5 watt solar panel
  • 1 x 6 volt 4Ah lead crystal battery
  • 2 x LED lights with cabling
  • A controller with built-in cell phone charger and switches for the lights

In simple terms, this easy to use piece of genius kit will provide a light bulb in two rooms (in Alzira’s case, one inside the hut and one outside to light up the cooking area), light switches to easily and safely turn the lights on and off and a mobile phone charging connector. The battery will provide up to 10 hours of continuous lighting time and the charge will be replenished in 2.5 hours of sunlight – the battery has a 10 year life expectancy.

All this with a one off investment and the almighty power of the sun!

We cannot wait to install the Betta Lights unit into Alzira’s home and see the difference it makes to the family, of course we don’t just want it to end there! After trialling the first unit and meeting with the chiefs of the community we hope to work on a much larger scale to get these solar solutions out to all the families, caring for orphan and vulnerable children that we can reach.

Thank you so much Betta Lights for your donation!

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