The Born Positive Trust

Grant Making Policy

The Born Positive Trust will consider offering funding to selected grass root projects/organisations in Mozambique which support the welfare of orphan and vulnerable children in Mozambique, in the areas of shelter, adoptive families, nutrition, healthcare and education.

Before deciding to provide funding to a project/organisation in Mozambique, one or more of the trustees or local representatives will visit the project(s) in person to assess the needs, eligibility and best practices. If long term or repeat funding is granted, one or more of the trustees or local representatives will ensure at least one site visit per year.

Funding to projects/organisations in Mozambique is decided between, and at the sole discretion of, The Born Positive Trustees and reviewed on a case by case basis.

The Born Positive Trust will consider providing training and resources to a project/organisation to help them establish procedures of an adequate standard, and continue to do so thereafter if necessary, if the Trustees feel that the project/organisation will further the objects (outlined below) of The Born Positive Trust.

The objects of Born Positive are:

  1. To generate and provide funding to grassroot projects working with orphan and/or vulnerable children in Mozambique, including, but not solely, those affected by HIV.
  2. To provide resources, training and mentorship to grassroot projects working with orphan and/or vulnerable children in Mozambique.
  3. To encourage the projects we support to employ or provide voluntary opportunities to local Mozambicans.
  4. To build trust and personal relationships with all the projects we fund, by implementing our best practice funding and reporting procedures with regular site visits.

Requirements of the project/organisation requesting funding:

  1. Must be a registered NGO in Mozambique with charitable aims, or be able to justify why they are not yet registered.
  2. Must have missions and activities which have a direct impact on Mozambican orphan and vulnerable children.
  3. Must be run by a majority of Mozambicans and show an honest work ethic.
  4. Must be able to outline the need for the funding requested and at the discretion of the Trustees prepare a proposal of how the funds will be spent.
  5. Must have a dedicated bank account to receive the funds.
  6. Must have a dedicated address and point of correspondence including email address and phone number.

The Born Positive Trust’s best practice requirements:

  1. The Born Positive Trust requires funding applications to be made in English, or if supplied in Portuguese, a translated version will be necessary.
  2. When a request for funding is received, it will be reviewed by all 4 of the Trustees.
  3. Before funding is granted a site visit must have taken place, unless otherwise decided by the Trustees.
  4. Where necessary, restricted funds will be outlined and the purposes made clear.
  5. After funding has been transferred, a receipt will need to be scanned and sent to us within 7 working days.
  6. After the funding period has ended, a report will need to be provided, detailing how the funds were spent with supporting receipts, photographic evidence and a description of how it impacted the beneficiaries.

(Should all the best practice requirements not be able to be met, The Born Positive Trustees may decide on a case by case basis to continue the funding process or not).

Reviewing applications:

The Born Positive Trust is committed to reviewing each and every application submitted and will respond to all applicants regardless of the decision made.

Click here to download our Grant Making Policy as a PDF.