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Building Elias a House for Christmas

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This is Elias, he is 14 years old. During his short life, he has experienced a great deal of trauma. His story so far is one of great hardship and suffering. We are raising money to build him, his mother and siblings a new house. A home that is safe, warm and dry. Something that Elias has never had before.

This is his story:

Elias has an abusive father. Before his 10th birthday, his mother separated from his father because of the abuse and she took Elias with her, but unfortunately the father found them and took Elias back. His father often kept him locked up inside his house – only interacting with him to give him food. He started a small business selling candy, marijuana and alcohol from a small wooden table outside the house, and Elias was made to sit at the table from 4am until midnight to run the stall. Some nights, Elias would be found sleeping at the table. He was not even 10 years old at this time. On a couple of occasions, family members and neighbours went to the police about the abuse that Elias was suffering. The case even made it to court, but Elias’ father won the custody battle because his mother did not have her own home (she was renting).

At one point, his father decided to take Elias and his younger brother to South Africa. They did not have passports so they entered the country illegally. Eventually, they were caught by the police and deported back to Mozambique where Elias was placed in a children’s centre. This children’s centre eventually reintegrated Elias with his grandmother, but as soon as the father learned he was there, he went and took his son again. The abuse continued and Elias decided to run away and live on the streets of Maputo.

In February 2020, the team at Masana found him during one of their street visits to the homeless boys in Maputo that their organisation supports. He was covered in sores from the unclean conditions that he was living in. After further assessments it was found that he had other conditions and complications that were contributing to his poor health.

As with many other boys before him, Masana offered Elias a place in their transitional home – a home where street boys are reintegrated and supported back into ‘home life’ – and they began investigating his family history. They were able to locate Elias’ mother and spent the next 3 months providing counselling for both her and Elias, while he continued to stay in the transitional home.

In June 2020 Elias returned home to his mother and siblings. Thankfully, his father is no longer living in the Maputo area and he does not know where Elias’ mother is living. Members of the Masana staff continue to visit the reunited family on a regular basis and they are doing very well together.

Only one major challenge remains for them, they are living in extreme poverty in a dilapidated handmade house. The walls are made of sacks and the roof is held down with cinder blocks. The home is not strong enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions that are all too common in Mozambique. Rain and wind batter the family regularly and they do not even have a front door to be able to secure them and their belongings. They sleep in fear every single night.

We are going to change that. And we know you will help us, as you always do.

We need to raise £1,500.

This will build them a brick house with 2 rooms featuring a watertight roof, secure windows and importantly, a lockable front door.

Our target is to raise these funds by the 25th December 2020 – Christmas Day – so that Masana can deliver the news to the family that they will be getting a brand new house for Christmas.

How to donate

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(When donating via bank transfer or PayPal, please be sure to add ‘donation for Elias’ as a reference)

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for reading and supporting.

Elias and his mother Elias, his mother and brother

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