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Interviewing Alzira and Abrahamo

Interviewing Alzira and Abrahamo

1st Birthday of the #BornPosBracelet project!

On Monday 25th May 2015, we facilitated the Born Positive home visit to Jacinto and Annabella. It was a special visit because Generoso, our new Director of Mozambique was meeting the family for the first time. It was equally special because it marked almost 1 year since the launch of the #BornPosBracelet business.

The bracelet project was established as a long term revenue generating and poverty alleviating answer to a common problem in Mozambique – relatives wanting to adopt their orphaned nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc and get them out of orphanages or vulnerable situations but not being able to afford to.

With your help we can quite easily deliver food, pay for school fees, donate clothes and help a relative care for an orphan child. In the short term all these methods are fine, because the quicker a child can be re-settled in a family the better. But for our work to be sustainable, there has to be a longer term solution that enables the head of the house to eventually stand on their own two feet.

Mentoring our families and helping them start up a business is proving the best way to do this. Aunty Alzira and Uncle Abrahamo’s #BornPosBracelet business has quickly enabled them to handcraft, sell and earn significant money. They are able to care for their orphaned niece and nephew, Annabella and Jacinto, as well as their 5 biological sons.

On this particular visit, Generoso asked a couple of questions and Abrahamo and Alzira’s answers blew us away…we knew we were on the right track, but to hear such feedback direct from the mouths of our beneficiaries was enough to bring us to happy tears!

Herminio Generoso and Amy Hulme interviewing Alzira and Abrahamo, outside their home in the little village of Mahelane, Mozambique…

Q – Tell us how you feel about the service you have received from Born Positive?

“First we just want to say thank you to Born Positive, for all you have done. Not only for us but also for the other families that you have been helping.

Today our lives are completely changed from how we were before, when Jacinto and Annabella came to us they were really bad, they could not even go to the bathroom by themselves, or ask for help. They were not eating well and were very skinny. There were many problems.

With the great support from Born Positive we can say we have overcome these difficulties as a family, and the children are already eating and playing well. They can do most things in the same way we teach our children, even going to the bathroom by themselves and communicating in a polite way.”

Q – Has the bracelet project made any difference to your lives?

“With the draft of the bracelets from Born Positive we have totally stabilized our lives in the state of financial and food, for today we can buy things ourselves like soap, rice, sugar etc with the money from sales of the bracelets. We have started to build a new house and already have built an extra bedroom outside. And our joy does not end here for this project not only helps Jacinto and Annabella but also totally changes the lives of all our family members.

And how much joy we have to say that our children already attend creche in our village where they going to learn and communicate better as well as make friends. Our children are speaking very well and especially Jacinto who could not even speak at all for a long time.”

Q – Do you think that Jacinto and Annabella are enjoying a better quality of life as part of your family, than if they were in an orphanage?

“Yes, they are. But we should be honest and say that when the children arrived with us it was very, very hard. They were very small and difficult to look after with their behaviour and health problems. Especially with having young children of our own. Without the support from Born Positive maybe we could have given up.

But now, life is much better for all of us. The children are part of our family now and we love them as if they are our own. They are becoming good children, we are always teaching them to be polite and respect others.

We can say again that with the bracelet project, it has made everything possible.”

Q – Do you think the service that Born Positive provides, could be the answer to finding more families for the thousands of orphans in Mozambique?

“It is hard to answer that question, because many people are different. But yes we do hope that the Born Positive’s help does not stop here with us, because we would like that you could help more families to share the same joy from the heart that you offered us.

We would to say to you that not only are you helping orphan children like Jacinto and Annabella, your service and support with our own business is changing all our lives – our whole family.

Finally just our thanks to Born Positive especially to all those who directly or indirectly has helped us via Born Positive, in giving clothing, hygiene product and school supplies for our children and the biggest thanks of all to everyone who is buying our bracelets!”

Bracelets are £1.50 each – to place your order, email or send us a message on our facebook page or for more information click here.






Annabella and Jacinto

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