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Magda’s Story…

Amy, Magda, Flora and Dumsane.

Amy (Born Positive Co-Founder), Magda, Flora (Born Positive Family Liaison Volunteer) and Dumsane (AACOSIDA Orphanage Founder).

Magda was 4 years old when her parents died of HIV, her father worked in the mines in South Africa and it is there that he contracted the virus. On his return home to Mozambique, the infection was passed to the mother, and then onto Magda herself during childbirth.

Until the age of 7 Magda lived at A.A.C.O.SIDA orphanage, after which she was taken in by some of her family relatives living nearby, the home where she still resides now. She is a responsible young woman managing her medicines and going to school.

Last year she failed her grade 10, the pressures of relationships among her sexually active piers make her feel segregated, alone and anxious. She avoids boyfriends because she is afraid of passing the virus and even more afraid of disclosing her HIV status for fear of further bullying.

Although in this difficult age of questioning, Magda has always wanted to be a nurse. In July she will be re-sitting her grade 10 exam and if she passes she will be at the correct level to apply for nursing school. Having now welcomed Magda under our Born Positive wings, we will be helping her to find a bursary or sponsor and guiding her through the application process for the course of her dreams.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Magda to our Born Positive family and wishing her all the luck for her exam!

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