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Masana is a day centre and reintegration program for boys living on the streets of Maputo, Mozambique. Masana provides nutritional aid, health care, educational assistance and a safe and loving environment to learn for hundreds of boys on the streets of Maputo. However the achievement we love most is that Masana has succeeded in reintegrating over 130 boys (and counting) into local homes and families since 2009!

Getting a homeless boy off the streets and back with his family is no easy or quick-fix task, to celebrate International Day For Street Children 2019, Masana posted a wonderful series of images and answers to the most common questions they receive about street children and how we can all help them in a sustainable way. We highly recommend taking a look, click here, to do so.

For the 2019 educational year (January – November) Born Positive provided a grant of 65,000 MZN (or £885) to Masana, which funded school fees for 38 boys who have successfully made the transition from the streets back into a family home. The boys ranged in age from 13 – 22 and were registered in courses from adult literacy up to grade 12, costing 50,000 MZN. The remaining 15,000 MZN of the grant also purchased school uniforms and school supplies.

As with all the projects we support, Sergio, our Mozambican Representative has built a wonderful relationship with the team at Masana and has visited the day centre in person as well as accompanied the team on their outreach visits to the homes of the boys who have been reintegrated. He has been touched and inspired at every step of the way and has enjoyed hearing positive stories from the boys themselves – we are proud supporters of this wonderful project!









Want to help?

If you would like to donate to Born Positive, so we can continue to support hardworking grassroot projects on the ground in Mozambique, please click here. Know that 100% of your donation will reach a trustworthy project that supports vulnerable children and young people such as this one, that we have visited in person and will continue to work alongside to measure the impact of your money.

If you are, or know of a children’s project in Mozambique that you think needs our help please view our Grant Making Policy, and get in touch!

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