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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

(Original announcement posted on the Born Positive Facebook Page on 15th April 2018)

Dear friends and supporters,

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet over the last few months and we feel it’s time to explain why and update you on what’s next for The Born Positive Trust!

For the past year the project on the ground that we were predominantly supporting in Mozambique faced a number of challenges, mainly with staffing issues but also with some of the children being moved around within their extended family and unfortunately becoming unreachable (an issue which is sadly all too common with orphan and vulnerable children).

For this reason, the Born Positive Trust in the UK ceased funding to the project on the ground in Mozambique until further notice. In December 2017 our Mozambican Representative, Sergio Pascoal, conducted home visits to all families who had been receiving support and provided a detailed report on each family’s situation – they were all found to be doing well and it was concluded that the project having to close would not have serious* consequences to their wellbeing. Despite this they were all very grateful for the help received over the last 4 years and we remain in contact with all of them, should they need it, for social support and advice going forward.

As a registered trust fund in the UK, governed by the original founders; Amy, Vicky, Luke and Rosie – we are able to continue the work of The Born Positive Trust by fundraising and supporting any project in Mozambique that furthers our objective – ‘The relief of poverty, sickness and hardship of orphaned and/or vulnerable children in Mozambique, including, but not solely, those affected by HIV by providing funding, resources, training, mentoring and support to grass root projects working with such children’ – and we absolutely intend on continuing our purpose in the country we love and care for very much.

At the end of 2017 we decided to support a new project run by Vision Mozambique. Their work involves caring for children in an orphanage as well as helping those children to find a family where possible, supporting widows and developing churches and new leaders in poor communities. We had the honour of buying every child in their orphanage a new school uniform, bag and educational materials/supplies ready for the school year. We were also touched to hear that there were no plans for a Christmas celebration due to lack of funding. So, we decided to fund a Christmas party for the children and staff.

We are excited for the future and look forward to supporting more projects that are doing some truly wonderful work in caring for the children of Mozambique.

Best wishes, Amy, Vicky, Luke and Rosie

The Born Positive Trust – Trustees.

*Use of the word ‘serious’ is intended to mean that each family’s basic needs such as food, water, shelter, education and health are now able to be met without continued support from Born Positive.

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