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Striving for Millennium Development Goals

United Nations Development Goals.

United Nations Development Goals.

Having reviewed the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, we are pleased to show how Born Positive intends to allign our own goals, mission and vision in Mozambique:

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the eight internation development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000. All 189 United Nations member states at the time and at least 23 international organisations committed to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

The goals and Born Positives allignment are as follows:

MDG 1 – To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Born Positive addresses the issue of hunger as a result of poverty by providing this monthly delivery of essential food items and hygiene nessessities to rural families who are caring for orphan and vulnerable children. We also look for ways in which to reduce dependancy in the long run e.g. helping the family to grow their own crops or develop an income generating initiative.

MDG 2 – To achieve universal primary education

Born Positive funds the cost of pre-school and primary school education for orphan and vulnerable children who are being cared for in rural families, we also fund the adoptive siblings within the families who are also to poor to go to creche or school.

MDG 3 – To promote gender equality and empowering women

Born Positive empowers women in rural areas, who are often the head of their home, by giving them our support, encouragement and upliftment to care for orphan children (nephews, nieces, grandchildren etc) as well as their own. We fund young children to attend creche in their villages which allows the women (who are often caring for a lot of children) enough time to take care of their home and chores during the day. We also look for sustainable income generating inititiatives so these women can begin to sustain themselves.

MDG 4 – To reduce child mortality rates

Born Postive contributes to reducing child mortality by supporting the well-being of extremely vulnerable children. Most of which are affected by HIV and are living in extreme poverty in rural areas, there guardians are usually elderly grandmothers who simply cannot afford to give them a nutritional diet and access to the health care and medicines they desperately need. We provide these children, who have serious health risks, with nutritional food, transport to medical facilities and funding for medicines.

MDG 5 – To improve maternal health

Born Positive does not currently have a focus on maternal health, but in the future we would like to work with communities to address maternal health issues – particularly HIV transmission.

MDG 6 – To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

Born Positive works to combat HIV/AIDS by ensuring affected children recieve the care they need, we strongly believe that an educated HIV positive child is a sensible HIV positive child. Where possible we also appeal for donations of mosquito nets to protect rural families for the threat of malaria.

MDG 7 – To ensure environmental sustainability

Born Positive addresses environmental sustainability by providing solar solutions to rural households, allowing them to have access to lighting, phone charging and cooking through the power of the sun.

MDG 8 – To develop a global partnership for development

Born Positive recognises the importance of global partnerships, we have plans to implement a zero-tolerance corruption policy which is our contribution to a fair, non-discriminatory financial system. We are also open for opportunitites to partner with other NPO’s/NGO’s and companies who share our values.

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